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Fix Airprint Issues on iPhone and iPad

It is now simple to print documents from your iPhone and iPad. You will be able to do it wirelessly by making use of a feature called AirPrint. There are many benefits it offers to iOS users. Actually there is no USB port for your Apple devices so Airprint is a good tool. Moreover, Airprint is a completely wireless device. The only object you require to connect is through a power source. There is more to the Airprint feature than meets the eye. Here, this article gives you solution for How to Fix Airprint issues on iPhone and iPad

If you contain any documents on your iPhone and iPad and prefer to get it printed you would usually transfer them to the computer. The system will be in connected with the printer to print any documents. It is a great idea to perform the printing job however there is an easier way to print from the iPhone. The job will be successful by the Airprint feature. When your printer is Airprint-enabled life becomes much easier.

How to Fix the AirPrint Issues on iPhone and iPad
How to Fix the AirPrint Issues on iPhone and iPad

The Airprint will permit you to print from the convenience of iPhone and iPad. Then there is no requirement to transfer the files to different devices to get the job done. However, in some unfortunate circumstances, things may not go well. There are many types of platforms on the internet where people talk about the Airprint not functioning properly for them. If you are experiencing any issues here are some ways to solve it.

What Airprint require?

To utilize Airprint you need the following

  • iPhone 3GS or newer
  • Any type of model iPad
  • Access to the wifi network
  • The printer that is Airprint compatible
  • Third-generation iPod touch or newer

Airprint Issues and Fixes

If your Airprint is not working with iOS 9 and iOS 10

One of the problems with Airprint is that it will not function properly with iOS 9 and iOS 10. Many users have reported this error as it is common. It is not the fault of the iOS versions. The problem is with the configuration. You have to ensure if everything is proper. This will assist you to solve the problem.

If the device does not recognize Airprint

Another usual issue found is the Airprint not appearing in the device. This error happens commonly when the printer is out of reach. Wifi network and the iOS device have to utilize the same internet connection. This will only make it easy for you to use this feature. Therefore check if it is in link with the same network. Furthermore, restart both the iOS device and router. This will provide you proper connectivity.

No Airprint printers identified for companies

There is also a third issue prevalent among users. It is that some major companies’ devices are not found by Airprint. Sometimes these specific companies release updates for the printer. There has to be installed on suitable devices to enable to print utilizing printers.  You can find further information on the sites of the companies.

Fix Basic Issues with these steps

  • Check if the device is compatible with the Airprint.
  • You have to ensure if the iPhone and the printer are using the same wifi.
  • Restart the printer and iPhone
  • Update the iPhone to the newest version of the iOS if you are not using it
  • Ensure if the printer is running in the new firmware version. You can verify with the manufacturer’s site to see if there are any available downloads
  • If the printer is in connection with USB to the AirPort Base Station or the Airport Time Capsule you can unplug it. The printers connected to the USB to these types of devices cannot utilize Airprint

How to use Airprint on iPhone and iPad?

Know how to print from iPhone and iPad with Airprint

  • Check whether your printer supports Airprint
  • You have to ensure if your iPhone and iPad use the same network conveniently in your home

Print with Airprint

  • Firstly, Open the Airprint app on your device
  • Secondly, To get the print option you have to press the app’s share icon
  • Thirdly, Go down tap the print symbol
  • Then choose the option select printer and tap Airprint-enabled printer
  • Now, select the number of copies and the other options such as the pages you prefer
  • At last, Tap print

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