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How to Install an HP Printer in macOS Using AirPrint?

Installing an HP printer in Mac Os using AirPrint is not a tough task. Let us help you to execute the steps. Once if the setup is complete, select the document that you would like to print to start printing. Download the setup manual; learn How to Install an HP Printer in macOS Using AirPrint before you proceed

How to Install an Hp Printer in MacOS Using Airprint?
How to Install an Hp Printer in MacOS Using Airprint?

Is AirPrint the best option to print your documents?

AirPrint being the built-in solution for the latest printer models, customers often opt for the appropriate settings to proceed. Let us provide you a few updates here if you are interested

Points to remember before you begin

  • Connect your Mac device and Printer to the same network to proceed.
  • It’s important to verify if the device that you use is AirPrint enabled
  • Always use a high-speed Internet connection
  • Double-check if the hardware connections are secure
  • Download the setup manual to understand the setup instructions to install an HP Printer in MacOS
  • Use the latest macOS version for  your device                                            

  HP Printer in Mac OS installation guide                                

  • As the preliminary step, you can power on all your devices. This includes the Printer and Mac device
  • If your device is brand new, initial and guided setup is must to execute
  • You can set the Language, display and carry on to activate the Internet connection

How to activate the Internet connection?

On your Apple device- Turn on the Wi-Fi option and enable the checkmark visible

For Printers with control panel

  • Navigate to the control panel to turn ON wireless icon
  • Now select the wireless network settings to enable the wireless setup wizard
  • Do not miss any of the instructions

Printers without any control panel – Press and hold the wireless button and you will receive a wireless test report that indicates the network status

Visit the Apple Menu

  • To start with, click on the Apple menu and wait for a while until the system preference tab is visible
  • Select these settings to view the tab, Printers, and Scanners
  • Your Printer name will now appear on the list
  • If you are unable to view the printer name, click on the visible plus symbol
  • Now choose the Printer name to add it
  • A new window will open and you can select the AirPrint or Secure AirPrint icon
  • Click on the icon, Add
  • Use the appropriate settings to add a Printer driver to Printers and Scanner list
  • Carry on to install the Printer driver and software and you will receive a prompt as  you wait
  • You can view  a new page where you can find the software available
  • Do not forget to check for the compatibility of the driver before installation
  • Not to mention, you can also use HP Easy start Utility for automatic software update

Errors and troubleshooting guide for How to Install an HP Printer in macOS Using AirPrint

Do not get panic or worried if you end up with issues, we have multiple guidelines to stay apart from the error codes

What if you are unable to find the Printer model as you proceed with the settings to add?

  • Check the network settings, wireless network user name, and password
  • Switch to an alternate network connection if required
  • Print a network test page to verify the settings
  • Now add the Printer manually
  • Restart your device and try printing once again

Unable to receive the Print outs  

  • Search for jammed papers inside and clear it at the earliest
  • Also, ensure that you enable AirPrint or Secure AirPrint icon
  • Finally, cross-check and validate the AirPrint settings

Cancel the Print job and try again.

  • Here are the settings (Click on the Apple Menu> System preference tab> Print and scan> Select your Printer).
  • Now open the Print queue to cancel the Print jobs
  • If you prefer to use AirPrint, validate the AirPrint  settings once
  • If you keep on receiving error codes and error messages, replace the device with a new one

Complete the setup and you will be satisfied receiving quality print outs at a good speed. Start all your Print, Scan, and Copy and Fax jobs using AirPrint settings on your device

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