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How to Use AirPrint on iOS Device through a Wireless Printer?

One incredible convenient feature – HP AirPrint setup enables you to connect to multiple devices via a wireless printer enabled by ePrint. All you need to do is connect the iPad, iPad Touch, and iPhone to this highly efficient and convenient HP AirPrint App.

Firstly, HP AirPrint lets you connect to Apple iOS v4.2 and later versions of Apple to any phone, providing full Mac customer support for 123 HP com printer configuration. Mac OS and iOS allow you to print directly to AirPrint compatible printers via a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). You don’t need to download a particular app, you just need a wireless access point.

HP Airprint App
HP Airprint App

HP AirPrint App

  • Significantly AirPrint is the wireless printing service provided by Apple
  • With it, you can send to any compatible printer on the Wi-Fi network what you want to print from your iPad or iPhone
  • Furthermore, AirPrint is a system-wide application built-in Apple applications such as Mail, Safari, Images, and iBooks, and App Store apps such as Numbers, Notes, and Keynotes, and more


To begin with, first, make sure of the following

  • Make sure your printer has an active internet
  • Also, ensure that your HP printer model supports HP AirPrint App
  • You can use this method only if you have an iOS device
  • Moreover, install the HP AirPrint App if you are using a Mac system

Make a note that most HP printers work with Apple AirPrint on iOS and macOS to provide complete printing quality without downloading or installing drivers.

Steps to Setup HP AirPrint

  • Firstly, to use AirPrint, connect the printer and the Apple device wirelessly
  • Secondly, make sure that you have Wi-Fi on your Apple device and that there is a checkmark next to your local Wi-Fi network name
  • Tap the name of your network to access it if you are linked to another network
  • If you don’t know the network login information, go to Find Your Wireless Password
  • Note that if you do not have a local network or use a USB cable to connect the printer to a device, go to How do I Use AirPrint if a Wi-Fi network is not available?
  • Test the link status of the printer network
  • Click the Wireless and Information buttons simultaneously for printers without a touchscreen control panel or click the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons simultaneously
  • The network connection status of a Wireless Test Report prints from the printer
  • Do the following according to the status of the link
  • If the printer is connected to the network, skip to your device’s printing phase
  • Proceed to the next stage if the printer is not linked to the network
  • Connect the printer to the network

Next step

  • Make sure that the printer is turned on, ink cartridges are mounted, and the main tray loads plain paper
  • Open the element you would like to print and click the Sharing icon
  • To open Print Options, tap Print or Print button
  • To pick your printer, click Printer
  • Adjust any of the print work settings below
  • Depending on the device you are printing from, the type of print job, and your printer, the available settings differ
  • Paper: Make any changes to the printer’s paper size. HP AirPrint App automatically detects the paper size you select on the printer control panel by loading in the printer or HP AirPrint App. If the measured size is different from the paper in the tray, the size may be validated by an error
  • Print count: Choose the number of copies you want to print
  • Black & White: Choose gray-scale printing. Just shows this option for color printers
  • Double-sided printing: prints for certain types of files on both sides of the paper
  • Set of pages: Select different pages that you want to print on a file or webpage

Final steps

  • Click Print in the top-right corner of the page once you’ve chosen the printer and the number of pages you need
  • You can cancel or test your print job by double-clicking the Home button, selecting Print Center while in the App Switcher, and pressing Cancel Printing

Airprint Troubleshooting

  • Make sure your printer is compatible with HP AirPrint App
  • Make sure you connect your iPhone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Subsequently, restart your printer and your iPhone
  • If you are not already using it, upgrade your iPhone to the new iOS version
  • Make sure the printer runs the new firmware version
  • When attaching your printer to an AirPort Base Station or AirPort Time Capsule via USB, unplug it
  • Printers connected to these devices via USB cannot use HP AirPrint App

Additionally, for any other queries regarding the HP AirPrint App, feel free to interact with our customer care team @ +1-844-612-4040

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