How to AirPrint From HP Envy 4520 Printer Wirelessly?

HP Envy 4520 AirPrint Setup Guide

Airprint, the mobile printing feature is now in demand among HP printer users. If you prefer to use the HP Envy 4520 model, let us provide you more updates on HP Envy 4520 Airprint Setup and you can learn how to print using the HP Envy 4520 model

The instructions to setup Airprint will be easy if you read and understand the steps. Enable the feature and it’s not a big deal to start printing using HP Envy 4520 model. If AirPrint is active, you need not depend on external software for printing

Suppose if you end up with HP Envy 4520 Airprint Setup issues, resolve it and you are free to choose the compatible troubleshooting guide

HP Envy 4520 Airprint Setup
HP Envy 4520 Airprint Setup

What are the Preliminary Requirements for the HP Envy 4520 AirPrint Setup?

  • Compatible iOS or Android device
  • Active and secure internet connection
  • AirPrint app

Want to know the Mac Operating System Versions that are Compatible to use with AirPrint?

  • Mac Osx Lionv 10.7
  • Ios devices with version 4.2 or new

Let us now start HP Envy 4520 AirPrint Setup

  • To begin, power on your ios device and HP printer
  • If your printer model is brand new, execute the initial & guided setup guidelines

Connect your iOS device to the network

  • Activate the Internet connection as the next step. To set up a network connection, use the internet settings on your ios device, enable it
  • Selecting a wireless connection is recommended as the network speed is good

Activate internet connection on your Printer

  • To activate the network on your Printer, navigate to the control panel, click on the wireless icon
  • Execute the network settings that appear on your screen
  • If your printer model does not have a touch screen display, click on the wireless icon for at least ten seconds

Let us start using AirPrint feature

  • Begin your search to find AirPrint settings on your mobile device as well as your computer
  • Select the document or photo that you would like to print
  • Tap on the share icon and print icon
  • Finally click on the option, select Printer
  • Carry on with the respective settings visible on your screen

IF YOUR device is Mac computer

  • If it’s a Mac computer, suggest you go to Apple menu>click on the System Preference Tab> Print and Scan> Tap on the plus symbol> Choose your Printer name from the option, nearby Printers
  • You can use the print using the menu to Add printer and select Airprint

Personalize your settings

HP Envy 4520 Air Print Setup settings are available; you are free to choose the required ones

  • Paper size – The advantage of AirPrint feature is that it will automatically detect the paper size
  • Number of copies
  • Paper range
  • Color
  • Double-sided printing option

Click on the Print icon

  • The last and final step of HP Envy 4520 AirPrint Setup is to click on the Print icon and documents will start to print
  • Check for the Print quality and speed obtained as you print

What if your Airprint Feature is Not Working?

  • To start with, power on your Printer and try printing again
  • Cross-check if the Airprint feature is enabled
  • The network speed that you use must be active
  • Compatibility of your Android device is equally important to check
  • Device restart or reset can also help to resolve the error
  • Suppose if the errors persist, replace the model with a new one
  • Do not use the public network or other shared networks to use Airprint
  • Stop the existing print jobs and try printing again
  • Update the printer firmware and software regularly
  • Make sure that both the devices are connected to the same network
  • Verify the air print configuration settings and make sure that it is accurate
  • You can also reset your Printing system once
  • Print a network test page to verify the internet settings
  • Do not connect multiple devices at the same time
  • Always place your device close to the Router to avoid signal interference

Use AirPrint, the built-in printing solution for Apple computers and mobile devices

Do not worry if your Printer model doesn’t have the feature built-in, installing a compatible Airprint app can fix the issue

Suppose if you would like to know more about HP Envy 4520 AirPrint Setup instructions, suggest you read the instructions posted on our webpage @ HP AirPrint Setup

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