Privacy Policy

For this, we have a privacy policy for the usage of the website and its content is exhaustive of all rules and regulations followed by the website. This will in turn extend to all services provided by our team of experts.

Some of our undertakings

We do not provide your private information to anyone for any intention and maintain your private information in our working register. We also maintain your information in a safe way using methods of encryption.

The following are the data that we collect

We will collect information which is related to your Home address, mobile number, e-mail address and also the data for the payment issues. The way you utilize the services, products and networks mainly the performance of the devices also depends. We will also acquire data about the websites that you surf.

The ways we use your data include giving you exquisite services in order to develop our relationship with the customers.

We will share your information within our concerned institutions so that we can improve and provide what the customer or the user actually needs. Even though we provide some data to other companies for certain services. We have instructed them to safeguard your data within limits. Implementing our bonds and other assets for safety reasons. Obeying commands of the court and other legal issues.

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