How do I use AirPrint if a Wi-Fi Network is Not Available?

Use AirPrint if a Wi-Fi Network is Not Available

It is easy to print from your iPhone, you use an AirPrint app wirelessly. However, it is not as easy to use AirPrint as pressing the Print button. AirPrint has much more to learn, including how to get it to work and how to resolve problems. Additionally, you can also Use Airprint if a Wi-Fi network is not available also


  • This is an Apple technology that lets you generate full-quality print output without the need to download or install drivers
  • With AirPrint, you can conveniently print full-quality photos and documents from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without the need for additional software (drivers) to be enabled
  • AirPrint is integrated into the most common printer models, such as those listed in this article
  • It features include simple discovery, automated media collection, and business-class finishing options
Use AirPrint if a Wi-Fi network is not available
Use AirPrint if a Wi-Fi network is not available

Using Airprint with HP Printer

  • In the first place, switch on the printer, mount the ink cartridges into the printer and load the flat paper into the input tray
  • Open the element that you want to print, and then click the Print or Save button
  • To open Printer Options, tap Print or Print button
  • To pick your printer, click choose printer
  • Adjust any of the print work settings below
  • The available settings vary depending on the device you are printing, the type of print job, and the printer you are printing.
    • Paper: Make any changes to the width of the paper on the printer. AirPrint identifies the printer volume or width of the printer control panel automatically. If both sizes vary from the paper in the tray, a confirmation error can occur.
    • Number of copies: you can choose the number of copies you want to print
    • Black & White: you can choose to print in grayscale. This choice only shows up in color printers
    • Double-sided printing: print for certain file types on both sides of the paper
    • Page range: Choose the specific pages you want to print on a paper or web page

AirPrint without Wi-Fi

Are you running through how do I use AirPrint if a Wi-Fi network is not available? Here is the way you can do it!

Your iOS or macOS phone is not connected to the Internet, so you desperately need to print your files. How are you going to get over the line? Any issue at all. You have the choice AirPrint on your printer, which helps you, print without any network connection.

So long, so your printer is AirPrint compliant, you can print documents without an internet connection from your iOS or Mac phone. AirPrint is an Apple program for new users to print high-quality images and documents from your Mac and iOS devices without having to install additional software.

About Wireless Printing Without Wi-Fi

  • To begin with, most AirPrint-enabled printers have built-in wireless network adapters to connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • However, did you know that many powerful AirPrint printers would also create a hotspot for your phones to connect to?
  • If you are stuck in a network-less area, you can still print as needed depending on the situation
  • HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color Printer M251nw is one such printer that will allow you to connect to it via a Wi-Fi hotspot, provide a DHCP address to your phone, and allow you to delete AirPrint

Connecting the Printer Hotspot to a Mac device

  • Open System Preferences first
  • Subsequently, in System Preferences, pick Network
  • Press Network
  • Now, under Network Name, you need to pick your printer
  • Finally, AirPrint Printer Without a network on Mac is complete
  • Now, you’ve got access to AirPrint from any device on your Mac to your printer
  • You can also use your iPhone or iPad to print, as described above, even without connecting to a network
  • Advance further to know about the same

Connecting Printer Hotspot to iPhone or iPad

  • Launch Settings app on your iOS device
  • Now, you need to hit Wi-Fi
  • Subsequently, under Choose a Network, click the name of your printer
  • AirPrint to Printer without being connected to an iPhone or iPad network
  • Your device will connect to the printer to allow you to print wirelessly

When you establish a link, you will see the Wi-Fi icon with an exclamation point in your network settings. It means that even though your computer has an IP address, it cannot connect to the Internet from that network. Moreover, we don’t need internet access, we need only printer access.

Additionally, if you have any more queries on HP AirPrint Setup, feel free to reach out to our customer care team working round the clock @ +1-844-612-4040.

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